Red Alfa Romeo

Project Alfa – Part 2

By Vint-tro - 29/06/2022
It’s been a while since the last update on this project, it has to be said from the outset that something did crop up unexpectedly during this journey which has brought it to a sudden end and I’ll get to this later.
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Red Alfa Romeo GTV in storage

Project Alfa

By Vint-tro - 28/06/2022
The first edition of the Project Alfa - I've never owned an Alfa before and most will tell you it’s impossible to call yourself a petrolhead unless you have so could this one be the tick in the box?
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Youtube Play Buutton behind water droplets

Car Youtubers

By Jonathan Howard - 27/06/2022
14 years of watching YouTube and its still my go to for car related topics.
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Red S2000

Why I bought my S2000

By Alex Eddy - 25/06/2022
His love for JDM's started when Alex first imported a Nissan S15 from Japan in 2015. He owned the S15 for five years and admittedly it was not the best motoring experience
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