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Image of person checking oil in vehicle

Make your car admin easy with My Garage

By Vint-tro - 15/05/2023
Your car admin is made easy when you sign up for My Garage. Keep all your important details, such as MOT and service dates and insurance renewal dates, in one place. And the great thing is, it's free.
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Road trip, cars, europe, weekend getaway

How to Prepare Your Car for a Vint-tro Road Trip

By Vint-tro - 17/04/2023
We share our top tips on how to get your car ready for a Vint-tro road trip.
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Skate boarders in front of camper van

Motorhome theft to meet the growing demand

By Simon Bennett - 16/01/2023
Did you know that 13% of motorhomes and 6% of camper vans have trackers installed, according to research carried out by Trackershop. The research also said that 54% and 45% of these vehicles respectively don’t have alarms either!
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Red Ferrari with red car cover across bonnet

Indoor Car Covers

By Vint-tro - 06/01/2023
Here at Vint-tro, we’ve recently launched a new element to our website, our shop, and we’re excited to share with you, you can now purchase indoor car covers from us, alongside our detailing products.
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Audi Sports car


By Simon Bennett - 14/11/2022
You would be seriously challenged if you were to say that the VW Beetle and Porsche 911 are not the two most recognised German classics? .. now why did we go and say that. Let the banter commence!
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Gold Rolls Royce in Garden

Insurance Cover: Understanding Legal Expenses!

By Simon Bennett - 31/10/2022
If you have or are about to take out car insurance cover, you will undoubtedly be asked “would you like legal cover added” and it’s probably safe to say you are not alone in thinking, I don’t really know!
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car covered in snow

Winter is near, top tips for keeping your vehicle fresh for spring!

By MJG - 25/10/2022
We all face a dilemma at the end of autumn, the weather is cooling rapidly, the rain is becoming more frequent and the decision needs to be taken on when that last Sunday drive will happen.
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Red Car Under Cover

Why car storage is not straightforward.

By Simon Bennett - 01/10/2022
Apart from your house, it is more than likely that the next most expensive asset you own is your car.
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Red Alfa Romeo

Project Alfa – Part 2

By Vint-tro - 29/06/2022
It’s been a while since the last update on this project, it has to be said from the outset that something did crop up unexpectedly during this journey which has brought it to a sudden end and I’ll get to this later.
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Red Alfa Romeo GTV in storage

Project Alfa

By Vint-tro - 28/06/2022
The first edition of the Project Alfa - I've never owned an Alfa before and most will tell you it’s impossible to call yourself a petrolhead unless you have so could this one be the tick in the box?
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