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By Vint-tro / 8th July 2024
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In keeping with our vision, strategy and customer demand we are excited to announce Vint-tro is expanding its logistics services proposition, to enhance our growing lifestyle brand.

As part of this expansion, we have successfully secured an additional 4500 square feet of premier premises providing circa 9000 square feet in total. This additional space and capacity will be utilised for our professional car storage, logistics and detailing solutions.

Since 2020, Vint-tro has been offering our clients and policyholders the ability to store, protect and care for their vehicles and with this latest development, we are excited to take this part of our business to a whole new level.

Our focus and commitment is to provide the best professional storage facilities and services in our region. Along with a first class customer journey our clients expect from a brand like Vint-tro. In addition to excellent customer experience, we will always be competitive simply because this part of our business is subsidised by our growing insurance arm.

Our new premier facilities will launch from 1st October 2024 and we will be extending our professional services to not only our private clients but also our commercial partners.

Director and Co owner David Hayward said, ”We are delighted to secure the additional premises as part of our expansion plans. Having both the logistics and insurance sectors integrated under the same group, allows us to grow our brand and presence in the lifestyle arena where we operate.”

DIrector and Co owner Jason Balls said, “We combine our logistics expertise and knowledge with our insurance leadership and brand strategy development. We will continue to focus on developing and providing a wide range of professional services that deliver enhanced customer experience throughout 2024 and beyond. This strategic expansion and growth will allow us to enhance our customer value service proposition, supporting our customers' passion and lifestyle needs.”

This is just one of a few projects of our journey and we are excited to advise further news will be coming soon from our insurance arm of the business, so watch this space! 

In the meantime, should you wish to explore opportunities of working with a very creative brand. Please reach out and contact us, as we would love to hear from you.

Finally, we would like to thank all our clients and partners who continue to support Vint-tro. We're so grateful and look forward to enhancing our services and products, providing greater experiences and value along our exciting journey together.

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