Petrol Head Vs Family – Part 2

It’s been a few months since I started to prepare my 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage for sale, and the car looks amazing, but do I really want to sell?

I am not selling because I must or that I dislike the car, it is because I want to use it more and at every opportunity where there is nice weather. It will not be a daily, that is the role of the 530e and F-Pace, but I do not want it to be the car that sits there when all I want to do is drive it.

I had a sniff on the car last month, I was not available to meet with the potential buyer, but to be honest, I was glad I was not available because I have fallen in love with the car again. I have used it a couple of times since having the wheels refurbished and MOT’d, and it feels like I have just picked it up because it has been in storage since October.

The car has finally been booked in with AM Cambridge for a service, I say finally because their collection service was cancelled due to covid. It’s only completed 800 miles since its last service, but I want to maintain the annual AM servicing plus its peace of mind because they do properly look over the car.

I have just finished a video on the Vantage which I plan to release soon on the Vint-tro Youtube channel. I wanted to be honest about my ownership experience, and it did not start perfectly. When I first went to see the car it all seemed perfect, but after a couple of days of ownership, I noticed a tapping sound which was not right. Talking with other Vantage owners plus having Simon’s at hand, I could tell the tapping sound was louder that it should be. After a lot of back and forth with the garage it went back under warranty, and after further investigation we found 3 shims with twice the clearance. All 3 shims were an older part number and different to all the other shims, so the car had this sound from new which amazed me. Replacing the shims fixed the noise and all was fine, but on return from the first UK road trip the car would not start. Under the warranty the car went back, and we found it was the starter motor. This was replaced under warranty and the car was all good again.

This was back in 2018 and since then, the car has not been an issue and I have loved every drive out for Vint-tro car meets, the Vint-tro Euro road trip or just going out for a drive.  I have completed a couple of minor upgrades, one being new dark grey alcantara for the carbon fiber steering wheel and more recently, full strip and painting of the wheels in tungsten silver to match the body, and brand-new AM center caps in gloss black.

So why I am reluctant to sell? When I started my search, I wanted a Vantage which was different to others, and when I found my car that was it. A previous owner had fitted N400 side sills, carbon front and rear diffuser, carbon door handles/door trim, carbon kickplate, carbon steering wheel and center console. Also, I love the crossed spoke wheels and deep metallic of the Tungsten silver paint. So, my reluctance is if I sell and regret it, it will be impossible to find one as good.

What are my next steps? The Vantage will be fully detailed by Vint-tro and it will go up for sale on the Vint-tro site along with my video. The market is very strong at the moment for 4.3L V8 Vantages, and prices have increased by approximately 10%. I will price it strongly, and if someone wants to pay my asking price I will sell, but if they do not, I will happily keep the car.

When restrictions drop further, I plan to start testing cars and I will be filming my experiences. It would be great to take you along this journey and any feedback or comments or past experiences with the cars would be appreciated.


Peace & Love

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