A 1929 Vintage Rolls-Royce owned by US actor Jason Momoa has been converted to electric

By Vint-tro / 22nd March 2024
Jason Momoa sitting in his vintage Rolls Royce

American actor Jason Momoa who made his debut as Jason Ioane on the syndicated action drama series Baywatch: Hawaii  commissioned a company called Electrogenic to complete the electric conversion on his vintage Rolls Royce.

Electrogenic, who are based in Kidlington, has transformed the 1929 Phantom II that was originally powered by its 7.7 litre engine, now has a nearly unhearable quiet electric powertrain.

Jason Momoa has said;

Electrogenic was the "perfect fit" to carry out the project.

The global film star, who has also featured in Game of Thrones, said: "In order to pull off this dream project, I had to find the right partner.

"I needed a team that would appreciate the storied history of this car whilst updating its technology."

Jason went on, and praised Electrogenic for "honouring classic and vintage cars", by making them electric "without losing any of the vehicle's character".

The Rolls Royce original petrol engine and drivetrain were removed and replaced by batteries, which have been "precision-integrated" into the existing structure of the car.

Steve Drummond, the director of Electrogenic, said the car had been a "labour of love for everyone" at the company and added that it had been "a lot of fun" working with Jason over the course of 18 months to "bring his vision to life".

As well as being converted to a fully electric vehicle, this Rolls-Royce Phantom has now also been fitted with a multi-speaker entertainment system with full Bluetooth connectivity.

Mr Drummond said the company was "immensely proud" of the finished car, and "humbled that Jason entrusted us with this landmark project".

The conversion of the car will feature in Jason Momoa's new Discovery+ series, On The Roam, which Mr Drummond described as "the icing on the cake".

What are your thoughts of converting a vintage Rolls Royce to Electric?

Vintage Rolls Royce Phantom 2

Electrogenic is a world-leading developer of EV drivetrains, famous for their elegant re-powering of beautiful classic cars. They offer bespoke conversion services and develop technology for our worldwide partner-installers, car manufacturers and Defence. 

To find out more about Electrogenic see their website here

To see photos of Jason Momoa’s electric Rolls Royce, click here to read the full article from the BBC

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