Vehicle Importing and Exporting

If you are looking to import or export a vehicle to or from the UK, let us handle your exciting plans for you.

With over 30 years experience with Ten years of this traveling extensively around the Globe, vetting and ensuring our agents are well versed in the process of shipping and handling motor vehicles, we can deal with all the Import / Export formalities. This includes registration issues, customs Vat, and duty rates.

We offer advice on import/export regulations, not just in the UK but worldwide. We are also electronically linked to all the major ports in the UK and can arrange customs clearance for vehicles arriving by container, Ro-Ro, or Air.

By Sea

The most economical option will probably be to ship your car by sea and providing it will fit, the most secure way of shipping your vehicle is to load it into a container.

Completed condition reports and photographs are taken of every vehicle prior to loading inside the container. As temperatures and humidity levels can vary during a voyage, silicon bags are supplied to keep condensation to a minimum.

Once your car is safely secured inside the container we lock and seal the doors ensuring that no one, other than the authorities can enter before it arrives at its destination to be unpacked.

Throughout the shipment process, all those involved are professional, trustworthy, and financially secure. This can only be achieved by working with our agents that have been extensively audited and have proven financial security.


Ro Ro

For some destinations, a roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) service is available. Ro-Ro vessels are designed to carry cars and other vehicles which are driven or towed on-board by professional drivers. A specially designed ramp is used and vehicles are placed in a row and secured to the deck by locating straps. Due to being a lot less time-consuming, this method is normally a cheaper option.

It is worth noting that if you do intend to ship personal items within the vehicle, it is best to ship the vehicle in a container or send the items separately in a groupage container.

By Air

We can also arrange for your pride and joy to be shipped by air, this will be the quickest way to get it from A to B but also the most expensive. This service is tailored more towards vehicles with a high net worth value or is urgently required at another location. Air shipment will dramatically reduce the transit time and prove to be the most secure transport mode on offer.

In most cases, vehicles that are imported/exported by air will be taken to the appropriate airline cargo terminal for a pre-flight preparation which includes an X-ray. Once this procedure has been completed the vehicle will be loaded and secured onto a specially designed pallet and either lifted or rolled into the aircraft ready for its journey.

Once your car arrives at its destination it will be unpacked, taken off the pallet and prepared for customs clearance, and ready for collection and delivery.

Vehicle Importing or Exporting
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