Our Repair Partners

Our network has all enventualities covered. 

  • Full Restoration
  • Panel replacement and repaints
  • Localised repair and paint
  • Bumper scuffs

At Vint-tro we focus on associating ourselves with companies that has the same or similar brand values.

Working with our partners at NOVOL who are the market leading vehicle refinishing manufacturer, we are building a vehicle repair and restoration network that we feel are the best in class for niche vehicles.

Our affinity partners are highly qaulified repair and restoration specialist, and although many will undertake Insurance work our partners specialise in repairing and restoring niche vehicles for private individauls, collectors and investors.

Our network of affinity partners specialise in the following vehicles;

  • Classic and retro cars
  • High performance modified, and American muscle cars
  • Investment cars 
  • Specialist brands such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, MG, Lamborghini, Ford, Alfa Remeo and many more
  • Camper vans and motorhomes

Please click on the county below for details of our affinity repair and restoration partner.


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