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Unfortunately accidents happen, and should this happen to you, our claims team is here to help make this unfortunate experience as easy as possible.

Rest assured our insurance team will be there to log your claim quickly, with the minimum of fuss and get the ball rolling straight away, so call us now on the number above. 

FAQ: Motor Accidents & Claims

If the claim was not your fault, you will be able to claim compensation from the third party's Insurance company providing they have adeqaute cover, and by doing so this means you don't need to claim on your own policy.

Our claims partners woop are here to help in the event of a non-fault claim, so call 0333 4042 007 now.

Should the at fault other driver (thrid party) be uninsured, you maybe able to make a claim through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, and if this fails and you are insured fully comprehensive then you are able claim on your own policy. 

When making a claim resulting from an incident, your insurance provider or their representing agent will review the accident details and the claims handler in question will make a decision who’s responsible for paying the costs of repairs to your property (vehicle) and any compensation for injuries. 

This decision means the accident has been assesed as either a non-fault, at-fault or split liability claim. This includes reviewing the details provided by both parties. As part of the process a review will have taken place to see if any traffic laws have been broken during or leading up to the accident such as speed limits being adhered too.

The claims handler will use all the evidence they have to determine who is at fault, this evidence could include any witness's who was there at the time of the accident, any statements that has been recorded, and provided by the police. CCTV, in car dash cams and speed camera's will also be reviewed if available. 

The one thing we advise to all our policyholders and customers is their legal responsibilty to report any accidents, and even though its seems like a polite thing to do, you should never appologise to the third party who is involved in the accident because this could be considered as an admission of liability and used against you. Remember it's your Insurers claims handler that decide who was at fault for the accident.

A non-fault claim is when your Insurance company or agent working on their behalf can recover loses from the at fault Insurer.

Simply Yes. If you are involved in any accident regardless who is at fault then you still have to report a claim.

We suggest that you read your policy terms and conditions, because in most case's this will state that all accidents particularly in the last five years have to be reported. 

There is a big risk that if you have not reported an accident, this could invalidate your policy.

No this shouldn't affect your no claims bonus, but it could have an a knock on affect to your next policy premium because of certain circumstances surrounding the accident.

As an example you could regularly travel through very busy roads, and junctions, or you may drive through winding country roads that are nortourisly known as accident hot spots. 

No claims discount often called NCD is awarded upon every year when you or third party has not made a claim against your policy.

Each year's NCD is added to your previous years NCD which, is then awarded as a discount against your renewal, so the more consecutive years you drive without a claim being made against your policy the bigger the saving we are able to provide.

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