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15th September 2023 17:00

East Coast Retros September Meet


Friday 15th September 2023
17:00 - 20:45


Therose Pub, Shotley, Suffolk

The Rose ,
The Street,
Shotely ,
Ipswich ,
United Kingdom,


Any meet held by East Coast Retros is welcoming to all. 

Held at the Rose pub in Shotely, Suffolk a large field within the rear of the location is ofent filled with a huge number of classic and classic modern retro vehicles. There is one thing for sure and that there is a vehicle for eveyones tastes! 

The organisers are a great team and really welcome everyone who attends. All vehicles parking on the field must be registered before 2001. Additional parking is available should your own not qualify for field access. 

The group have a fantastic following with over 9500 members on Facebook and we reccomend you take a trip along to one of the dates below: 

Sunday 16th April (all day meet with autojumble) 

Wednesday 17th May 

Monday 12th June

Friday 14th July 

Thursday 24th August

Friday 15th September

Sunday 1st October (all day meet with autojumble) 


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