Bridge Classic Cars

Bridge Classic Cars specialise in the restoration and maintenance of vintage and classic vehicles.

Established in 2004, a full in-house service including restorations, tuning and engine rebuilds, automotive electrics, service and repairs, body preparation and paintwork, and interior trim work is provided by the skilled and experienced team of technicians.

AC Ace being resorted in the Bridge Classic Car work shop
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Built on a passion for classic cars, the team have restored rare and one-off vehicles in their state-of- the-art workshop. Well-known for their work on Jensen restorations, Bridge Classic Cars are innovative and find a way to keep important historical vehicles on the road.
In addition to their award-winning restorations, Bridge Classic Cars also encourage a new audience to join the world of classic car enthusiasts. With their successful competitions, everyone has the opportunity to win their dream classic car for just a few pounds.
After a bespoke extension of the workshop, a full calendar of events now takes place in The Atelier at Bridge Classic Cars including live music, car meets, and evenings with celebrities and influential people.
Bridge Classic Cars has created a hub for the classic car enthusiast community and, with a growing audience and client base, they are making sure vintage and classic vehicles can be enjoyed and admired by future generations.
The Nursery
Main Road Pettistree
Tel: 01473 742038
Classic car at a Bridge Classic Car meet
AC Ace in Bridge Classic work shop

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