Winter is near, top tips for keeping your vehicle fresh for spring!

By MJG / 25th October 2022
car covered in snow
We all face a dilemma at the end of autumn, the weather is cooling rapidly, the rain is becoming more frequent and the decision needs to be taken on when that last Sunday drive will happen.
For some of us we may decide to keep our vehicles on the road throughout and choose our moments when the odd day presents itself however for many our vehicles are tucked away for the winter months to live another day.
Knowing how to store your vehicle over winter is key, we all have different options available to us, some more than others, be it a home garage, an inflatable space to put your car into, your driveway with a durable cover over the vehicle or simply using a local storage facility and keeping your vehicle under a breathable Indoor Cover. 
All of these options have benefits depending on how it is you wish to store your vehicle.
A few tips we have for anyone putting their vehicle away over winter would include:

Vehicle Grime

Ensure your vehicle is stored away clean and tidy leaving no litter or any other substance within it that could decay over the storage period or worse still attract rodents!
It is not in any way ideal to put a wet car in to storage, if you need to wash the vehicle let it dry naturally or use warm air to completely dry it out before putting it away. Forced air is also perfect for ensuring that no water is left in rubber seals, mirrors and trims.


Vehicles left over time can cause flat spots, if you don’t have access to tyre cushions one option is to overinflate the tyre for the time the vehicle is being left but ensuring you return them to the correct pressure before using the vehicle on the road again.
Another alternative method is to move the vehicle every few weeks a few yards or further still rotate the tyre in its standing position.


Should you wish to start your vehicle whilst it’s in storage to keep everything moving and build up temperature make sure you note any starting procedures that the manufacturer may recommend before doing so.
A great example of this is Aston Martin, before starting the vehicle when left for a long period of time pressing the accelerator to the floor (with clutch in) will not allow the vehicle to spark but will pump the oil around the block lifting the oil pressure to ensure a healthy start.
If you do choose to start your vehicle, it would also be a good idea to turn the steering from lock to lock in order to keep the associated parts moving.
It’s also a good idea to change engine oil before storage rather than just before bringing the vehicle out of its hibernation, this stops any bi-products of fuel combustion that would usually be driven off remaining and being corrosive over the time stored.


Leave the vehicle with little fuel inside it, more than enough to not pick up any elements that maybe within the bottom of the tank but enough to allow you to move it should you need throughout the storage period. This then gives you the ability to fill the vehicle with fresh fuel after storage.

Leave it in gear

Rather than apply the handbrake, leave the vehicle in gear or park to minimise any opportunity to bind over the storage period.


Give your battery every bit of assistance to remain healthy by using a trickle charger, at Vint-tro we supply two different options from C-TEK, the MSX 3.8 and the MXS 5.0 to keep your battery in perfect health.


Do your best to store the vehicle in the right conditions, ensure any garage leaks have been taken care of before you need to put your vehicle inside.

If using an inflatable chamber, make sure you check it for the first few days and at regular intervals. We have seen vehicles where interiors have mould on them from poor set up or ventilation and have not been noticed due to the vehicle being left.

Silica gel or other dehumidifying options are a good idea to leave in the foot well to deter any moisture.

At Vint-tro we have a dry, secure, insured storage facility where we can store your vehicle safely and in the right environment, prices are extremely competitive and we take the pain away from you trying to find a space for your vehicle that may be difficult.

Storage is also available all year round, therefore giving you somewhere to keep a potential purchase that might come along that you don’t want to miss. We can keep your vehicle for as long as you need us to and can even arrange collection and delivery of it if it’s already sorn or un-roadworthy.

We also cater for motorcycles too so should you need any assistance don’t hesitate to enquire by clicking here and completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, when you wish to use your vehicle you will need to insure it, this is where Vint-tro cover can assist you. As true car enthusiasts, we understand your passion, we also know you want to talk to someone as opposed to navigating around pointless aggregator sites, that are not tailored to your needs so let us help you enjoy your vehicle when removing it from storage with Vint-tro Cover.

Peace and Love

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