Why Indoor car covers are a good investment.

By Vint-tro / 21st September 2023
Red Ferrari with red car cover across bonnet

Here at Vint-tro, we’ve recently launched a new element to our website, our shop, and we’re excited to share with you, you can now purchase indoor car covers from us, alongside our detailing products. But why should you consider investing in an indoor car cover, after all, if it’s kept in the garage, is it really needed? Read on to find out.

Even if your vehicle is garaged or kept in a bespoke storage facility, it makes sense to give it a higher level of protection with a specially designed indoor car cover.

Storing your prestige vehicle in a garage or another dry, enclosed space is the best way to protect it from the adverse effects of the inclement British weather.

But is it a fool proof solution to keep it in excellent condition? Does it give you complete peace of mind that the bodywork won’t be prone to scuffs, spots, scratches and general wear and tear?

At Vint-tro we have very little concern at our storage facility but, it is fair to say all environments are not entirely free of dust, dirt and other fine particles which may accumulate on your vehicle and could cause issues. What’s more, although windows and skylights can block out a proportion of harmful UV rays, some of those rays are bound to get through and your cherished classic automobile or high-performance sports car could be in the firing line. Just think about the effect sunlight through a window can have over time on furniture, paintings or other items in your home.

Damp autumn days and freezing winter nights can also cause significant problems, even for vehicles which are stored indoors. Unless the garage or storage facility is constantly heated and well-ventilated, condensation and ice can gradually wear away at the paintwork. Regularly wiping down the vehicle will help, but however thorough you are it might not be enough to avoid discolouration over the longer term.

Last but by no means least is the problem of shared space. Your valuable vehicle may be stored with other items which you use regularly, for example bicycles, lawnmowers, and power tools. However careful you are, let’s face it, there’s always the risk of the occasional knock or scratch when you’re moving things in and out of the garage.

Safer vehicle storage — we’ve got it covered

Fortunately, there’s a solution to keeping your classic or prestige vehicle protected when it’s in storage for an extended period over the winter or temporarily garaged during the summer. Durable but lightweight, high-quality stretchy indoor car covers hug the contours of the chassis without compromising air flow. That means less risk of condensation or damp,
resulting in mould or mildew which can dull or damage the paintwork and cause rusting.

When you’re choosing a cover for car storage, there’s an array of products on the market, from basic soft car covers to premium classic car covers with enhanced protection. They come in various levels of price and performance. So, how do you make the right choice?
We’ve got the answer. Our high-quality indoor car covers are strong enough to provide reliable protection against dust particles and other pollutants, as well as guaranteeing 100% UV protection. They’re substantial enough to guard against minor bumps and scratches. However, they’re also soft and super-stretchy, hugging the contours of any type of vehicle to minimise exposure to the ambient environment, but without sealing off vital air flow to ensure the vehicle stays aerated and dry.

Soft but strong

The last thing you want is for your car cover to be the actual cause of damage to your precious classic or prestige vehicle. Available in red, black or blue, our soft indoor car covers are manufactured from 180gsm lycra blended satin fabric. They provide an attractive and durable cover for your car while being soft enough not to cause any scratching.


Whether you own a classic marque or a modern supercar, we have a soft indoor car cover for you. In fact, because they’re designed to adapt to the shape of the chassis, our car covers are versatile enough to fit just about any type of passenger vehicle, including 4x4s, SUVs, family saloons and large estate cars. For those who prefer two-wheeled transport, they can also be used as a motorcycle indoor cover.

High performance

Our car covers provide 100% protection against UV damage, dust and other pollutants. At the same time, because the material we use for our car covers is 100% breathable, they prevent condensation forming on your car. The cover clings to the contours of your car and the elasticated front and rear sections ensure the cover is pulled tight to the chassis.

Easy online ordering

Choosing and buying your indoor car cover is easy. Just visit our online shop, where you can select the right cover for your vehicle and buy securely.
Your classic or prestige vehicle is worth a lot to you. It’s time to invest in one of our high-quality indoor car covers and give it the high level of protection it deserves.

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