Honda Civic Type-R Daily

By Alex Eddy / 15th November 2021
Black Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R Daily

Now winter is here I thought it was time to purchase a daily and store the S2000 away from the winter rain, snow and salt. I wanted to keep the same theme of something cheap, reliable and fun. I noticed Jack who sold me the S2000 was selling his Honda Civic Type R so I thought I would go and view it. The Civic ticked all the boxes so I bought it.

The car, Honda Civic Type R FN2, not everyone’s favourite shape with the spaceship styling, in black with the GT body kit. The spec:

  • GT Spec
  • 61k miles
  • Mugen Grill
  • Front Poly bush kit
  • Parking Sensors
  • Aircon/Auto Climate
  • Cruise Control
  • Sat Nav
  • GP Kit
  • BuddyClub P1SF / Goodyear Eagle SS
  • Brembo Freaky Parts BBK / PBS Pads / Braided hoses
  • Meister R Coilovers
  • J’s Racing Cat-Back
  • Alcantara Steering Wheel by Royal

First impressions, I love the car, goes round corners like it’s on rails, comfy seats are nice for long journeys, coilovers are not too annoying, great response from the K20 and high RPM. After 3 weeks of ownership, I have replaced 2 tyres as they were nearing the legal limit and had the oil and filter changed . FN2 service intervals are from 12,500 miles however the car has been serviced every 3000-5000 so I kept it to theme.

Common faults and things to look out for with the FN2 type R, 3rd/4th gear synchro meshes can fail in the early 2007 models, most have been replaced under warranty but best to check when buying an early car. Rust on the top edges of the doors under the trim and on the edge of the roof. The engine consumes more oil than most other cars so needs to be checked regularly. Noisy tappets, valve clearances should be checked every 25k miles.

Comparing it to the S2000, the Type R is more of an everyday car, it still ticks the same boxes as the S2000 but in different ways. A few benefits of the Type R, I don’t have to duck to be able to see traffic lights, I can fit more than 2 bags of shopping in the boot and have room for more than one passenger. A few disadvantages with the Type R, obviously you can’t have the roof down, the s2000 F20c has a better induction noise when VTEC is engaged and doesn’t feel as planted to the road.

I haven’t made any future plans for the Type R, just to enjoy it as a run around for the winter and spring months. Weather permitting soon I hope to give the car a full detail, 2 stage mop and coat of wax to protect the paint. If anything changes I will keep you updated in my next blog.

Peace and love


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