By Simon Bennett / 21st October 2018
Red Ferrari in front of warehouse
The first in our series of blogs ‘classic cars to watch’ we featured the Ferrari Testarossa, and now we make no apology for featuring our second Ferrari model. A model which the design style was influenced by the adorable Dino, here we have the 360.
The Ferrari 360 was manufactured from 1999 to 2005 where amazingly it was labelled by some as an entry level car, we’re not sure why particularly, as the 360 offered many technologies which made it a much superior car to its predecessor F355.
The first model that was rolled out was named after the beautiful Italian town of Modena. The 360 Spider followed later and finally as a special edition, the Challenge Stradale, which was the highest-performance road-legal version of the 360 produced which featured carbon ceramic brakes, track tuned suspension, aerodynamic gains, weight reduction much power improvements and a revised six speed gearbox with an option of the F1 electrohydraulic manual unit.
There were a total 16,356 Ferrari 360’s built being 8,800 Modenas (coupe) and 7,565 Spiders (convertible) worldwide. A combined 4,199 built for the US market. Of those numbers there were only 469 Modenas and 670 Spiders that were produced with a gated 6-speed manual transmission as opposed to the automated F1 single clutch transmission.
The major Highlight of the 360 was an all aluminum chassis which included many complex castings with aluminum sheet and tube chassis which if you didn’t know, happen to come from England. The result of using aluminum for the main frame made the 360 Modena’s chassis approximately 25% lighter than the F355, it was also 40% stiffer than the F355 because they were manufactured in steel. Despite a 10% increase in overall dimensions the design was also 28% lighter.
The 360’s new Pininfarina more rounded, but evident Dino influenced body styling had deviated from traditions of the 80’s and 90’s decade’s where, sharp angles and flip-up headlights was a typical Ferrari trait.
The engine was a new designed 3.6, V8, which was common to all versions, flat plane crankshaft, titanium connecting rods which, helped to achieve 400 bhp. The power to weight ratio was significantly improved on over the F355, this was due to the combination of both a lighter car and more power. The 0 to 62 (not sure why the 2?) mph acceleration performance was an impressive 4.3 seconds.
The 360 was eventually replaced by the F430 in 2004 and like many other manufacturers and models the 360 started to decrease in value and it is of our opinion at Vint-tro that values hit rock bottom in mid 2016 early 2017. Of course like always it depends on the exact model, but it was very common to see a low mileage 360 Modena or spider with full Ferrari service history for as less as £50-£55,000. Some LHD models even in the late £40K’s. This was the time to buy!
As we write (Oct 2018), it is without a doubt the 360 is starting to increase in value again, with low mileage examples with good history typically being advertised between £60-£70,000 and ultra low mileage examples between £75 – £95,000. A stunning example can be seen here advertised by the Ferrari Centre for just under £100,000 albeit the mileage is just shy of 10,000 miles recorded.
So why is the 360 on the up again, well speaking with various owners who have or still own both the 360 and 430, we are often being told the 360 is just a better car, it has the traditional feel of the first aluminium chassis which people remember so fondly, how true these statements are only you can question, but what we do know is that history tells us, the first shape always has the sentimental value as owners always preferred the original design concept. The Jaguar E type series 1 will always be the preferred Jaguar E type, like the Mk1 RS AVO Escort has over the MK2’s.
It is common knowledge that if you keep any Ferrari for over a 10 year period and genuinely look after it, your investment will evidently prosper, perhaps a 360 could be your golden ticket?
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