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By Simon Bennett / 11th August 2018
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There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to insurance for your retro or classic car.

From experience we know your cars are viewed as something special, they are very personal and even considered as part of the family and have their own distinct requirements.

So when it comes to choosing insurance it makes total sense to go with a specialist, who understands our cars and how much they mean to their owners and keepers.

While the ‘classic car’ arena may spark similar visions for many of you, the reality is that every vehicle has its own unique history, most owners know what restoration or repair work has been carried out over the years, simply because we usually pass this history on to excited new owners when sales take place. That history file is like a limb to a human being.

What is most obvious in the classic and retro car insurance world is that comparison websites just don’t cut the mustard, their mainstream everyday car cover does not work. Try programming an algorithm to quote on a fully restored 1973 Datsun 240z where only 150 were made in that particular colour in that particular year or, perhaps quoting on a Jaguar Mk2 that used to belong to the Kray twins … Mmmm got you thinking?

For the reasons above this is why specialist car brokers have a far better track record for serving your individual requirements. Our advice is, never be tempted to consider a comparison website to seek cover for your cool ride.

So where should you go? .. Well there are some really great companies out there who not only specialise in retro and classic car insurance, but their staff are trained on our subject and more often are enthusiast themselves, a good broker should know the need of their customers, and know the right insurers to approach on your behalf. One which we feel has these credentials is Lancaster Classic Car Insurance

Even though this is only our opinion, we here at Vint-tro thought we would share a few tips that may help you choose the right cover.

Agreed Values

Whether you own a retro, classic or vintage car, finding the right insurance policy doesn’t have to be the nightmare as one would think. Insurers such as ERS have years of experience in all types of vehicles and they have proven over the years that they provide great cover with agreed values which, of course, can be a vital component of your policy as this ensures the unnecessary negotiation of your car’s value in the event of serious damage or the vehicle being beyond economical to repair (total loss).

Usually Agreed valued policies cost an extra £20-£30 on top of your annual premium, however, some insurers don’t make a charge, so it’s well worth doing your homework.

Know the Market

Many classic and retro cars continue to appreciate, some at alarming rates which over a period of just a couple of years this can become a major issue. It is therefore vital that you keep track of your vehicle’s value and ensure that your broker provides a policy that adequately covers you in the event of the worst happening.

Honesty is the best policy (pardon the pun)

Many owners feel aggrieved by the insurance industry, particularly where premiums might be higher based on certain factors such as the postcode where they live, or a previous claim that was not your fault. Although this can be quite annoying, we suggest that you never get tempted into adjusting certain details in the hope of securing a cheaper premium and worse still, it is considered insurance fraud and in the event of a claim your policy may not be upheld, now that’s a disaster if ever we hear one.

The good old English Winter

The UK’s winter period does not generally allow you to drive your classic every day of the year and many of you store away your prized asset for a number of months, usually between October to April.

Well, of course, it makes sense that throughout this period you keep your classic safe and in good condition. Appropriate storage space and keeping humidity at a safe level is a must if you can. Make sure you check the antifreeze mixture, the rule of thumb is no less than 50/50, although this will differ for certain makes and models. A regular engine run up to temperature is a good thing to do at least twice a month and if you’re really keen, a clean down of the underside is a positive thing to do. By tending to your vehicle properly, this will help avoid the potential for delay when the good weather comes round.

Now coming back to Insurance, remember never be tempted to try a save a few pounds by cancelling your insurance policy over the winter, simply because fire, flood, storm damage, vandalism, and theft can happen at any time.

Until next time

Peace & Love


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