1 Tesla, 3 Idiots and a 490 Mile Round Trip

By Simon Bennett / 13th May 2022

Simon loves cars, his mates, music and tradition (he loves his wife as well), so now restriction have been dropped he is finally free to embark on all 4.

Simon is heading off to Liverpool with two of his good friends which he has not seen due to Covid, and they are completing the trip in a Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

This will be Simon’s first journey in an EV, so this is an in depth review on the journey and a real world prospective when it comes to planning a trip like this in a electric vehicle, and the change in mindset when driving and more considerate when deciding to add more fuel/power.

You will also see the mindset of a petrolhead change as Simon starts to understand where EV’s sit in the motor world with combustion engines, plus his amazement by the raw power of an EV engine pus the technology in the car.

Thinks about buying an EV or a Tesla for your own car or a company car, this is a must watch all the way through and to the end with Simon’s conclusion.

Peace & Love

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