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Simon’s Top 10 Poster Cars

Many of us had posters of our dream cars pinned up on our bedroom wall as a child, a topic which I have always found divides opinion on what was the ultimate poster car.

Depending on the decade in which you remember most, it’s likely that the choices would have included the car icons such as the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F40,  McLaren F1, Pagani Zonda, or the Bugatti Veyron.

Trying to select the top 10 is really a tough challenge where ultimately I will fail in somebody’s eyes, so be prepared to be disappointed. 

One thing’s for sure – all the cars that I feature are a petrol-infused blend of incredible styling and engineering excellence from yesteryear to the present day.

Here are my top 10 poster cars

1. Lamborghini Countach

The ultimate poster car of the 1980s. 

Designed in the ’70s by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone studio, it took the wedge-shaped creation to another level. Featuring flat, trapezoidal panels and those amazing scissor doors, this Icon could hit 60mph in approximately five seconds which was absolutely ground-breaking in the day.

Name any car that will still have the same appeal to so many after nearly 50 years old. Simply there isn’t one!

White Lamborghini Countach

2. The Aston Martin DB5

I make no apology with this one. Like so many young children I was and still am a huge James Bond fan and we all know there really is only one true JB car Icon, the DB5. End of!

Made famous in Goldfinger, this silky grand tourer was built from 1963-1965 and boasted 282 horsepower enabling it to reach 145 mph and 0-60 in around 7 seconds. The DB5 still stands as one of the most recognisable cars in the world. 

This car, along with James Bond, has graced many walls. Respect to anyone lucky enough to own this English Icon!

Aston Martin DB5

3. Lamborghini Miura

What thoughts come into your head when we talk about the Lamborghini Miura? ..  of course, the start of The Italian Job where the orange example is seen racing through the Alps before crashing in the tunnel, bursting into flames, and then with the assistance of a JCB being tossed over the wall by the Italian Mafia. I still wince today when I watch that scene.

Built from 1966-73, another creation by prolific Italian designer Marcello Gandini. The Miura was arguably the first supercar with its glorious Lamborghini mid-engined V12.

Are they worth the 2 million price tags they now have? Absolutely! 

Lamborghini Miura


4. Ferrari Testarossa

Films and programs have had a major influence on me and the Ferrari Testarossa will always be in my top 5 poster cars, simply because of Miami Vice.

The Insane Pinnirina designed aesthetics of the Testarossa is directly proportional to its poster appeal certainly in the era of the 80s where styling was rife and where many tried and failed to top this iconic car design. 

Those classic lines appealed to both schoolboys and city slickers of the day!

Ferrari Testarossa

5. Jaguar E Type

It just had to be in the top 5 didn’t it 

Enzo supposedly said “It’s the most beautiful car in the world” which I still don’t believe, or if he did say that, he undoubtedly had too much Italian red wine that day! 

Joking aside, yes the E type is such a beautiful car, where many will argue it should be number one. The stunning lines and that long bonnet make this a great poster car.

Jaguar E Type

6. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 

As a fan of the Ford RS cars from the late 60s to early 90s, I remember when Ford launched the first Sierra RS Cosworth, including the 500 editions which had the double rear spoiler. 

This RS crushed the efforts of the Mercedes 190 Cosworth into oblivion!  A true Icon car for me where I remember proudly sticking a picture of this icon car to the side of my old Snap-On toolbox when I was an apprentice panel beater back in the day.


Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

7. Lotus Esprit

I can see that poster now, Lotus Esprit Mk1, black and gold JPS livery. 

Another car that gained fame from James Bond in the film The Spy Who Loved Me.

I’m still not sure when these cars were ploughed into the sea they transformed it into a submarine though? 

Lotus Esprit


8. McLaren F1 

Now in 1998, I was too old to be putting up posters on my wall, but what I do remember was the buzz of a production car that has a top speed of 231mph.

This car certainly ruffled the feathers of Ferrari and Lamborghini and like the Iconic scissor doors of Countach, the F1 was unique simply because of the center-positioned driver’s seat, this was again a groundbreaking design. 

Even today’s supercars are still measured against the F1 and being as rare as it is, their value and place in the “car Icon status” continue to rise.

This deservingly is in my top 10 poster cars. 

Mclaren F1


9. Porsche 911

I’m sorry, it’s back to the 80s and Porsche did not disappoint with their 911 Carerra with that huge whale tail. 

That was a great poster car which I fondly remember seeing in Athena!

Porsche 911


10. Ferrari F40

Another contender for the most popular bedroom pin-up supercar ever!

Manufactured between 1987-1992 many believe the F40 is the greatest road-going Ferrari capable of 200mph.

Designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary the F40 was the last Prancing Horse personally approved by Enzo himself. 

Not as rare compared to many other Ferrari models but that has not stopped these cars from reaching the £1m price bracket. 

Ferrari F40


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