Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer


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The Premium 180 is the most powerful pressure washer in the Nilfisk domestic range, while providing an impressive level of flexibility & user control.
With it robust design & powerful output the Premium 180 is ideal for cleaning large areas, providing professional cleaning results. Offering a high level of comfort, mobility & control this ergonomic pressure washer can handle a wide range of cleaning tasks including patios, paths, driveways, garden furniture, walls, fences & cars, as well as larger tasks such as swimming pools, mowers, horse trailers, caravans & boats.
The Premium 180 features a 10 metre SuperFlex steel armoured hose for a longer cleaning reach while helping protect the hose from damage & kinking. The adjustable ‘Gentle’ nozzle for pressure control, general cleaning & vehicle washing is also included along with the ‘Rough’ nozzle – a specialist attachment supplying a high pressure, rotating water output for the removal of stubborn dirt & mould from hard surfaces. Both nozzles feature Nilfisk’s push & lock connection to ensure fast & secure attachment to the spray lance. Thanks to its 2.5 litre onboard detergent tank the Premium 180 is ideal for applying cleaning chemical to cars, patios & other areas.
The Premium 180 features an impressive 2900 watt induction motor with a reliable metal cylinder head ensuring the machine can cope with the most demanding cleaning challenges.
As with all domestic Nilfisk pressure washers the Premium 180 is covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty
Please note the Nilfisk Premium 180 is not compatible with the Nilfisk click & clean accessories.
Features & Benefits
  • 2900W induction motor with metal cylinder head 
  • Onboard hose reel & electric cable storage
  • Powerful cleaning pressure – highest pressure output in the domectic Nilfisk range
  • Steel armoured SuperFlex high pressure hose
  • Pressure regulation dial onboard
  • Telescopic handle for more compact storage
  • Onboard detergent tank for application of cleaning chemical
  • Auto stop / start function 
  • Robust, mobile design
  • Water inlet filter protects pump against dirt particles
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