Nilfisk C135i Compact Pressure Washer


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The Nilfisk Compact C135 is a highly mobile, durable mid-range unit, ideal for a medium sized domestic environment.
Offering a high level of comfort, flexibility and user friendliness this Compact range pressure washer can cope with a whole range of cleaning tasks including paths, walls, garage doors & vehicle washing.
The Compact C135 features a highly mobile trolley design making the machine easily manoeuvrable around cars & gardens. The C135 also includes an on-board hose reel, providing convenient, compact storage & rewind for the 6 metre high pressure hose.
The Compact C135 comes complete with a Tornado nozzle for general washing & rinsing, a Powerspeed nozzle that increases cleaning power for stubborn soilage / marking such as mould spots & a foam sprayer with detergent bottle for the application of detergent in waste reducing, cost effective fashion.
The C135 benefits from a high-quality aluminium pump which increases the durability of the machine & an impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing effectively prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor & pump. The C135’s 1700 Watt induction motor also features added rubber suspension to reduce noise emissions from the machine.
Features & Benefits
  • Quick release hose from handgun
  • Highly mobile trolley design with onboard hose reel
  • Tornado nozzle providing variable pressure output
  • Powerspeed nozzle providing greater cleaning power
  • Click & clean foam sprayer for detergent application
  • Accessory storage on the unit
  • Reliable aluminium pump for long life operation
  • Water inlet filter preventing debris entering pump
  • Auto stop/start protecting the motor & saving water
  • Noise emissions reduced by rubber suspension of motor pump unit
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