My Addiction Strikes Again

Drugs, alcohol, sex, smoking and social networks are amongst the biggest issues many face with addiction (thats got you all interested hasnt it!)  but, I seem to have something much worse …. Cars!

Like some of the addictions mentioned above my love of cars seems incurable and like many petrolheads I visit Ebay, Pistonheads and Collecting Cars on most days googling until the early hours of the morning, looking around, checking on market prices and often purchasing cars that were never on my radar.

I’ve been researching and buying cars privately now for well over 35 years so I think it’s safe to say, I have an addiction and the most concerning worry to me, it’s not getting any better!

In November we were contacted at Vint-tro by our client who wanted us to care for and store his TVR Chimaera. When it arrived, you could see the love in my eyes but, what’s new, I fall in love with many cars. Anyway, the TVR was allocated its spot and a super soft car cover was fitted.

As with many of our members and clients, they take their cars out of storage in May to enjoy the summer and return in the last week of September. This client was no different, or so I thought.

We got the call in early May, “Simon, I’m taking the TVR out of storage” so I said “ready to enjoy the summer I guess” but, to my surprise, the reply was no, the car is going to the local TVR dealer who had agreed to purchase the car to sell. Now to cut a long story short, I asked what the price was, and if I matched the dealer price could I buy the car. Four hours later I was the owner of a TVR Chimaera with only 37,000 miles.

My wife was working away in Scotland that week, so when she called later that evening as always she asked “what was your day like” yes very good, yours? Yes she said i’ve got this done and that done, then she said what are you doing tomorrow, I said well, first thing is I’ve got to tax the car, what car she said? …. Oh I forgot to tell you I bought a TVR today, oh great (yawn) another car added to the collection. “Where are you going to keep that one?” not sure yet, unbeknown to her that I had already chatted to my builder about a garage extension 😉

I have huge admiration for the Ferrari brand and being the owner of a classic Testarossa, you would think this would pacify me, but no, this does absolutely nothing to help my addiction. A matter of fact I get more excited at seeing some of our members’ cars, such as Saabs, BMW’s, Scooby’s, Porsche’s, Lancia’s and Mazda MX5’s to name just a few. I still go weak at the knees when I see Mk1 or 2 Ford RS Escorts.


One of my business partners is a American classic car and hot rod fan and I’ll never forget the day he purchased a 1965, 7.6 litre V8 Chevy Nova SS. Now I’ll be the first to admit I was never really a fan of american cars or certainly not the hot rod scene but the more I see David in the Nova having a quick blast or at a local car meet which is run by the great guys at East Coast Retro’s, I just fell in love with that car. 

To this day I still have not purchased an American classic, but those memories of David’s Nova, my early morning “googling” and addiction could kick in! 60s Mustangs, Nova’s and the 69 Camaro SS have become a firm favourite, but would I be able to resist if the right car becomes available? Well, It doesn’t help my addiction when one of your clients has just started up a car Importing and Exporting business working in LA and committed to use our services at Vint-tro. I’m already excited about what he finds and wants to bring into the country, a dog with two tails comes to mind.


I would really like to know why I suffer with this addiction, is it because I have not found the perfect car? .. my love for the Ferrari 246 Dino has and will always be considered the holy grail, well that and the Lamborghini Miura and Countach. If ever I was able to purchase one of these cars will it be the cure for this addiction? .. perhaps my wife should answer that question!

I would like to hear from anyone who is suffering the same, and what’s  the latest sporadic purchases you’ve made?

Until the next time

Peace & Love


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