Living with the S2000

So, it has been 10 months since I acquired this lovely car and I thought I would share my experience on how I have found it so far. It’s pretty fair to say the last 10 months have been pretty much plain sailing with general maintenance until my first issue appeared only last week. It’s nothing major, just part and parcel of owning a 21 year old car.

I thought I would start with my dislikes of the car, I’m 6ft 1” to get into the car, the driver’s seat has to be right against the back of the rails. When driving the seat rubs on the rear wall which is very annoying when you do not have the radio on and even worse when you have a passenger.

Second issue is the radio cover as seen on the below image, if you forget to close it when you get out, then get back in. It always stabs into my knee into the corner highlighted below. It is very painful. Why Honda chose not to make it flush with the centre console I don’t know.


Third issue, why design the car with a push to start button if you still have to turn it off with the key? To me it would make sense to have the button to push to start and to stop the engine.


My fourth issue is the roof design and only being to put the roof down whilst completely stationary with the handbrake on. It would be nice to put it down or up while slowly driving along. This seems to be a thought of other owners too and I believe there is a modification available on the aftermarket to allow this but as of yet I haven’t looked into it properly.

Fifth and final gripe is that even though it has a great induction noise there is almost no exhaust tone. I miss having anti-social exhaust and listening to it burble on overrun.

Despite these small things I still love the car and these issues can be overlooked. 


Now here are some things I love about the S2000.

Firstly being able to drop the roof when the sun is shining, it is so therapeutic to drive through the countryside on a warm day soaking up the rays listening to some tunes. Even on a warm summer night putting the roof down, being able to look up at the stars (while paying attention to the road) is awesome.

Secondly the F20c revving to 9000rpm listening to the induction roar from the VTEC is great. It has nothing on a forced induction but nonetheless sounds great off the limiter.

Third, the previous owner Jack used the car for numerous track days and has had the handling setup bang on. It goes round corners like it’s on rails and is great fun to drive on the country roads. I would like to take it to a track day in the future when I grow a pair.

Fourth, the driving position is great, a solid gear box very simplistic with a digital dash.


Fifth, the S2000 still looks good for its age and will be a future classic in years to come. I plan to hang on to the car and enjoy it over the next few years.

In regards to general upkeep, since owning the s2000 I have had to replace two tyres and have serviced it twice. Until last week all was great, unfortunately the slave cylinder decided to give up, so this is currently being upgraded.  

I will continue to keep everyone updated with my future plans for this car. 

I still can’t decide whether to keep it OEM or to supercharge for more power. What would you do? I’d love to hear your comments on this dilemma!

Peace and Love

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