How does Tesla compare to other car brands?

Tesla has made everyone believe in electric vehicles and their desirability. The company has combined outstanding vehicle performance with high technology features to develop an exceptional and mind-blowing car. Tesla models such as the Model X Crossover have risen among the ranks to claim a spot in the most expensive vehicles at the moment.

Engine, Performance, and Transmission

Tesla cars are known for their ability to gain speed smoothly while making very little noise. The average Tesla can sprint from zero to 60 mph within 2.3 seconds.

Additionally, Tesla models are known to carry their batteries under the floor. This is mainly attributed to the low centre of gravity present in Teslas. This trait helps the car to switch directions smoothly while ensuring that the car is planted into the ground firmly in corners.

Another thing that makes car enthusiasts heap praises to the Tesla brand is the easy-to-use steering wheel. It is well weighted to allow for more accuracy and ease of navigation when driving. It even has several options that you can adjust and change the steering effort levels. This allows for a firm and steady ride.

The fact that there is no petrol-powered engine means that the noise produced while driving is minimal. However, small noises can be heard inside the car’s cabin, especially when driving on roads with imperfections.

Battery Life and Charging

At the moment, Tesla batteries are identical to the ones you find in other EVs. The battery uses cobalt as its core, an expensive element. However, in 2020, Tesla announced that they are working towards moving away from cobalt battery technology in an effort to try and adopt cheaper options.

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