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Welcome to Vint-tro, a lifestyle brand dedicated to classic, retro, performance and super-cars.  

Our aim is to create a community by celebrating the designs, the personalities and nostalgia that relates to our love of all things automotive!

Created in 2014 we provide access to a variety of discounted services, products and events for the vehicle enthusiast or as we like to be called, “The Petrolhead”

Our membership is Free so all you have to do is sign up and start to enjoy the exciting lifestyle that Vint-tro can provide.

Our Happy Clients

“There is no better way of spending time with like minded people, we are now on our third Vint-tro road trip. Just brilliant times. ”

Ian B

Porsche Cayman GTS owner


“A great road trip, not only for the opportunity to travel in convoy with lots of great metal, but with a great community of petrol heads – all from different backgrounds, area’s but with one common interest. Yes, plenty of geeky car chat – but it’s much more than that. Loved the walkie talkies last time – no car chat on that soundwave… Looking forward to the next one in 2021.”

Emmerson T

BMW 140i owner