White Ford Mexico

Ford Mexico Part 2

Sorry for the delay but part 2 is finally here and it’s a full run down of the Mk2 Ford Escort RS Mexico

With only around 2,500 Mk2 Ford Mexico’s made, (source Ford RS Owners Club), this car represents a rare breed!  Positioned awkwardly in price and specification between a 1600 Sport and an RS2000 when new the Mexico had a very short production run and therefore is now a highly sought-after model amongst collectors.

In this video Simon talks again about his past with RS Fords and demonstrates his wealth of knowledge.

This is a much watch video as we show you around the Mexico inside and out in detail.

Also not forgetting the Mini Cooper which we will show you in another video.

I hope you enjoy this video what is once in a lifetime opportunity to have the ultimate barn find or garage find.


Peace & Love

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