Nothing beats a perfectly restored classic or vintage car with its elegant lines, solid engineering and beautiful bright chrome work. These cars often has a stance of beauty that portrays ‘proudness’, we often hear “They don’t make them like they used to”.

But how can vehicle owners tell if their hobby cars are classic or vintage? Well there are guidelines but of course with all guidelines they can sometimes be interpreted very differently; however one thing which is often apparent is that generally classic or vintage cars are not used as a daily commuter unless you have a bank account with unlimited funds at your disposal, though we’re sure that many VW beetle and MG owners will argue this case with good authority.

Some sources claim that classic and vintage cars are the same, but us guys at Vint-tro believe there is a difference of opinion depending on what demographic you are talking too.

Many ‘vintage’ car owners and enthusiasts refer to their cars as high-quality vehicles from the pre-World War II era such as this stunning 1929 Bentley Speed Six (below)









If ‘vintage’ cars are considered pre WW2, what is a classic car? Often described in the UK classic cars are considered to be at least 30 years old. So if this is the case a 1972 AVO Ford Escort Mexico is a classic car right? Well that would be certainly be the answer we would expect to hear from someone who was born in the 1960’s and passed their driving test in the 1970/80’s when these cars were very popular. Being 44 years old, does our Mexico not qualify to be vintage?

So what we’re saying is for many people born in the 1960’s, opinions seem to be that cars such as the Mk1&2 Escort RS2000’s, MGB GT’s, Triumph TR4/5/6’s (you’ve forgot the 7) Ford Capri’s and Porsche 911’s are classic cars and many would not argue this point however, go and ask the same question to a car enthusiast who was born in the 1990’s and you may find yourself getting a totally different answer, “vintage” you’ll often hear.


Let’s take the MGR V8 surely that’s a classic sports car? but these little beauties were not produced until 1993 and because they’re not 30 years old, has no chrome and has plastic bumpers, it’s not a classic? We think it is, it’s an MG for heaven’s sake!




The ever Iconic adorable English Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar E type are known to be true British classic icons, pretty cars just ask Enzo and the Italian mafia, but are they not British Vintage Icons? .. the only issue here it just don’t have the same ring to it. The series 1 BMW M sport has got no or little chrome and has plastic bumpers, just like our MG RV8 above and some generations believe it’s not a classic, really? I’m sure there are plenty of BMW owners ready to go into battle over that statement! .. It’s pretty damn retro in our opinion. Now there is another talking point ‘retro’


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