Christmas 2021

Well, it’s Christmas 2021 and like us you’re probably thinking where has the time gone?

For us it’s been a big year because, even though the Vint-tro brand is over 4 years old, 2021 was only our second full year of trading as a limited company and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way it’s gone but, we know there is so much more hard work to do!

Let’s take a look back.

As many of you are aware, in 2020 we secured our Suffolk car storage facility but it wasn’t until early 2021 where we completed a major refurbishment program which included a full detailing bay. This was a very proud moment and we’re pleased to advise that our storage has been completely sold out since late September.

Car storage has always been a service we wanted to offer and we are committed to continue to invest in where, hopefully we’ll increase our capacity in 2022. You may have also noticed that we offer the same facilities in the south Manchester area.

After many stops and starts because of the pandemic, September 2021 saw us again road tripping through Europe, where a fantastic time was had by all, those great times are now well and truly in the memory bank.

Vint-tro Cover

As car enthusiasts we know what it is to have great car Insurance, so after 15 months of hard work, in November we were very proud to announce the launch of our Insurance Scheme Vint-tro Cover specifically aimed for classic, retro, performance, modified and import cars. Again, we’ve had a very good start and we have genuinely been taken back by the great feedback we have received.

Our car Insurance scheme is designed purely for you, the car enthusiast and we will continue to be 100% focused on bringing the best cover at the right price.


With Free legal cover and agreed valuations at no extra cost on our policies, we are also able to cover all your cars on one multi policy where discount is applied for every car added, plus you have the flexibility to add and remove your cars at any time.

With other services such as our car finance partnership, our clothing, plus our accessories we are committed to expanding this area and will be adding more items again at discounted prices.

What are our plans for 2022?

  1. New Website and CRM platform. Yes we have committed to a brand new bespoke website where there are so many new and exciting features, we could not explain it all on this mailshot. Lets just say, we can’t wait and it’s all going to be free for you!
  2. We are extending our events program. Not only will there be an opportunity to attend more road trips and tours we will also be putting on other events such as breakfast/ coffee meets, talk shows, other automotive events and our new event called “A one night stand” stay tuned for more info!
  3. Detailing, after we built the new bay at our Suffolk premises we had previously outsourced our detailing requirements to AG detail, who will still remain a fantastic partner but now we are excited to say, Ryan will be joining our team as our resident detailer. Ryan has just completed his full Cartec training and is ready to go early 2022.
  4. The launch of “Interior Trimming and Bespoke Design”. Working with an incredible team, we’re very excited to be bringing this service to market.
  5. We will continue to work hard and expand Vint-tro Cover where we will be creating new ideas about what we can do to provide the best niche car insurance in the market.
  6. We are often asked by you, the community, where would you go to get your pride and joy body work carried out? Well next year our “Repair & Restoration Network” will be live. So from a tiny scratch to a full restoration, we’ll be there for you.
  7. Cars sales, auctions and competitions. Talks at an advanced stage where we will bring you a platform that will be so good, cool is the new sub zero!

Well, that closes 2021 from us and we hope this has provided you an idea of just some of the developments going on behind the scenes at Vint-tro.

Finally we want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of the Vint-tro Community and a special mention to those who have Insured through us, bought our accessories, had your car detailed and toured on our road trips. This means the world to small companies like ours. Thank you.

In the meantime have yourselves a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to more exciting times together in 2022.

Peace & Love as Always


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