Cartec UK Nano Polisher


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Cartec UK Nano Battery Polishing Machine

The Cartec UK Nano Polisher is an absolute highlight in the product category battery polishing machines.  Due to its extra ergonomic design, this mini battery polishing machine is ideal in the hand.  Constant electronics ensure that the machine can deliver constant torques and speeds. Through strict and above all permanent controls. The 3mm / 12mm Eccentric Mechanism and Rotary Mechanism Heads are ideal for use in a variety of applications, and even the smallest and hard-to-reach surfaces can be easily and effectively machined.  This product is an absolute must for any car care enthusiast.  Due to the battery supply and the compact design, the Cartec UK Nano Polisher can also be ideally transported in the case and used for spontaneous use in between. With the second battery, which is also included, an almost continuous operation is possible.  Ideal for the entire outdoor area, piano lacquer, rims and all other imaginable, painted spots on the vehicle.  We are absolutely thrilled with the Cartec UK Nano Polisher and are convinced that you too will love the machine.

Cartec UK Nano Polisher Highlights :

Very handy, ergonomic design

80 watts of power

Lithium ion technology

Made under strict controls

Suitable for private and professional use

Special electronics for constant torques and speeds

Unrivaled value for money in its class

Extra for hard-to-reach places and small areas

Cartec UK Nano Polisher Technical data :

Power consumption: 80W

Rotation speed (per minute): 0-6000 / min

Security Class: Class II

Operating voltage: 12V / 50 Hz

Disc diameter (standard): 38mm (ideal for 40mm polishing sponges)

Battery life = approx. 30 minutes (depending on the attachment)

Charging time up to 100% = approx. 30 minutes

Cartec UK Nano Polisher application :
–  For best results, the surface should be free from dust and contamination.
–  Place a 40mm polishing pad evenly on the Velcro surface, making sure it is centered.
–  When pulling off, be careful to grab on the Velcro surface so as not to damage the foam
–  Apply two peanut-sized drops of polish to the polishing pad.
–  Spread the polish with the machine in an area of approx. 10x10cm and polish until the desired result is achieved.

Cartec UK Nano Polisher Notes:

Make sure that the machine is not tilted during the polishing process, this can lead to bearing damage.

Never operate the machine with too much pressure, it should be about 0.5kg pressure including weight of the machine. Protect the machine from contamination by polish, water, oil and other liquids that may be dangerous to the machine.

Store this machine in a cool, frost-free and dry place


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