Cars and Their Associated Fashion

To us petrolheads, a car is more than just a means of transportation – they are our pride and joy but I ask the question; how many of you relate your cars to the fashion you wear?

Like many Vint-tro members I adore all kinds of cars from classic, retro to modern day performance supercars and having owned a few over the years I have found myself dressing on occasion for the car I drive.

I make no apology for my love of Italian classic sports cars, such as the Ferrari 308 and Testarossa. Having owned a few I often found myself dressing to what I consider to match the car’s styling. When driving my old 308s, more often than not I would wear a white tailored shirt, designer jeans or chinos, loafer style shoes finished off with a pair of Ray-Ban classic signet sunglasses (when I had my contact lenses in) …. oh and the dark blue fitted blazer would often be neatly folded on the passenger seat. In a totally unobnoxious kind of way this just made me feel on top of the world and I truly believed my choice of fashion complemented the car.

Another car I had was a classic Silver Shadow Rolls Royce S1 in gold of all colours! This car oozed English class, and I always felt a sense of pride when wafting around in this timeless classic. The front grill was as iconic as the stetson style hat I sometimes wore when driving this car. That hat was often matched with a blue checkered shirt, a nice tweed style waistcoat finished in leather brogues. I always imagined a similar style if I ever purchased a classic Aston Martin such as a DB5.

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In 2021 I purchased an original Escort Mk2 RS Mexico. This car took me back to my hunting days of the 80s. I’ll leave you to decide on what type of hunting my best friend and I were into at the time but let’s just say our predator instincts matched the fashion we wore when ragging around in our Dagenham dustbins.

The attire for us was Farah trousers, which came in the colours of beige, black, light and dark blue worn with a soul belt. Footwear was the lavish Diadora gold or Nike Wimbledon trainers. On the chest department, it had to be an Elise or Lacoste T-shirt finished off with either a Fila or Sergio Tachini tracksuit top. At night we would swap the tracksuit top with a leather and suede jacket, which we purchased from petticoat lane or Romford market.

When driving that RS Mexico recently, the first thing I got out of my wardrobe was my retro Sergio Tachini tracksuit top and to top off my guilty pleasure I grabbed Duran Duran’s greatest hits tape that slipped nicely in the Audioline radio cassette player.

I still have yet to sample a classic American muscle car, so when that AC Cobra or 65 mustang comes along, I already know, my worn out Levi’s, rugged ankle boots, white T shirt and leather motorcycle jacket will have to be dusted down.

Finally, I never really got to know what suited the Mclaren. That’s probably a big factor to why it’s no longer here, nudity is certainly not an option.

Until next time

Peace & Love as always

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