All Purpose Cleaner


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All Purpose cleaning power, an essential tool in every day detailing!

All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile and highly concentrated cleaner for every part of your vehicle. Perfect for an exterior pre-wash or an interior stain remover, All Purpose Cleaner is something every detailer needs in their armory!

How to use

  • Dilute All Purpose Cleaner in a Cartec Trigger or Pressure sprayer with water at up to 1:20¬†(product:water).
  • Apply All Purpose Cleaner to desired area.
    For Exterior: Apply from bottom of vehicle upwards to ensure an even covering.
    For Interior: Apply to desired area directly.
  • For Exterior: Allow to dwell on surface for 60 seconds, before rinsing with a high pressure hose.
    For Interior: Remove with Wet Vacuum Cleaner if possible, or rinse with cleaner water and remove any excess with a Cartec MicroFibre Towel.

200ML, 1Litre, 5Litre